Pushcast Support

See videos which will help you manage your Pushcast account with a breeze.

#1 Getting started series

Setup your profile

Learn how to change the name of your profile and how to connect your first channels.

Create your first event

Learn how to create an event.

Share your first post

Learn about the details of a post and how to share your just created event.

Connect your DETAILS account

Learn how to connect your DETAILS account with your profile and what it actually does for you.

#2 Did you know series

Deleting events

Pushcast can remove an event from all connected channels with one click. No more jumping from Facebook to Twitter to SoundCloud etc.

Events schedule

Explaining the main features of your events schedule and in what way these features help you to simplify your workload.

#3 Integrations series

Squarespace integration

Find out how to implement the Pushcast website widget into your Squarespace website. The actual code can be found on our Github account.