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Share your events and latest announcements across multiple channels and keep track of all your actions. Convenient and easy to handle.

One account - Many profiles

A profile respresents an identity such as an artist or a festival. So for example if you run a booking agency you would create one profile for each of your artists.

One account - many profiles

Manage your events

Pushcast allows you to manage your events and helps you keep track of all shared content within your overview. Need another integration? Get in touch with us.

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Take control of your content

Pushcast supports posts to public and private channels. Create an event and share it with the world or only to a group of people via our Email channel. Want to schedule a post for a specific day and time? No problem. Want to remove a post? You can do that, too.

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Support for unlimited channels

We post to all common social media channels, offer a hosted website for your events, an API for custom demands and an email group channel to send out notifications as soon as a new event gets created.

Need another channel? Get in touch with us.

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Hosted Event Page Event API Event Email Groups

Manage your users

Invite users and manage their permissions specific to your needs.

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Pushcast is FREE. Get started now.